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God’s Good Work

July 15, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings in the name of our Lord!  As we prepare to return to Brazil on August 9th, we find both confidence and comfort in Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

On this short furlough, we have shared with some of our supporters, churches and families, the good work God has been doing in Northeast Brazil.  We are so thankful for the faithful support team God has given to us.  Before we pack our suitcases for the trip south, we still have one week of ministry at Senior High camp and a trip to Chicago for Jennifer’s graduation from Navy basic training.

Upon our arrival in Brazil we have a full calendar of activities.  Within a week of our arrival, both Jim and Julie will be teaching classes at the Cariri Baptist Seminary.  We will also be counselors to the AMEM, our student missions team as well as the ATOS, our student evangelism team.  Our Seminary is facing some difficult challenges for which we request your prayer.  As chairman of the board, Jim will have to lead the board through some tough decisions; he will need God’s wisdom.  We also have various conference and church speaking engagements throughout the semester.

Politically, Brazil is going through a time of crisis; a corruption scandal at the highest levels of government has resulted in a president’s impeachment, and a former president, along with over 100 congressmen and cabinet members, serving time in prison.  Unemployment is high and money is scarce, as a result of the deepest and longest economic recession in anybody’s memory.  Please pray that these crises will bring people to God, that the church would grow within Brazil, and that it would grow in being a blessing to other nations through the sending of missionaries.

Since we’re talking about political and economic crises, please pray for Venezuela, our neighbor to the north.  We have regular communication with our Brazilian missionaries working in Venezuela.  The economic crisis, with the resulting low prices, has created some great opportunities in which our missionaries have built a Bible college campus, church buildings, and begun a Christian radio station.  On the other hand, food is scarce, and Venezuelan pastors are beginning to flee the country in a desperate effort to protect their families from starvation.  If God should lead you to help a Venezuelan pastor through this crisis, a small contribution could go a long ways to maintain a pastor at his post.  If you’re interested in helping with a gift, let us know.  But please, keep Venezuela in your prayers.

In our last letter we asked you to pray for our Source of Light correspondence school, and for the national director, Samuel Milanez.  Samuel has recovered from gall bladder surgery and is back to his full activities.  God also provided a car to help him get around to churches in order to promote the use of these Bible lessons.  Thank you for praying.

Thank you for your faithful love, prayers and support.  If you would like an updated prayer card, just drop us an e-mail, or call us.  We’ll get it to you in the mail.

Front, take 6

back take 4



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Springtime Furlough

May 23, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings in the name of our Lord!  The writing of this prayer note catches us on a beautiful spring day in Illinois where we are visiting some of our support team.  We have been in the United States since mid-April, and plan to return to the mission field the beginning of August.

Since Northeast Brazil doesn’t have the four seasons, we were looking forward to seeing the spring buds and flowers.  However, God gave us the additional treat of still getting a taste of winter, as we arrived in the middle of an April blizzard. In fact, our flight was rerouted from Rochester, MN, because the airport was closed due to the storm.  We didn’t mind, since we flew into Des Moines, IA, and we got to see some of our kids and grandkids a few days earlier than had been planned.

It was special to be with Julie’s mother on Mother’s Day, and to worship with our home church family at Grace Baptist, Austin, MN.  In upcoming weeks we plan to visit the following churches which have us as a part of their worldwide outreach:

  • May 27  First Baptist Church, Grundy Center, IA
  • June 10  Brookdale Baptist Church, Moorhead, MN
  • June 17  First Baptist Church, International Falls, MN
  • June 24  Calvary Baptist Church, Rochester, MN

Though we are on a furlough, we still maintain daily contact with our people in Brazil.  The OASiS has received some guests this month; the Grangeiro Church had a special program to strengthen the marriages of its couples; and Jim is involved in several administrative situations for the Mission and for the Seminary of which we won’t bore you with the details.  We just ask that you continue praying that the Gospel will continue to grow in Northeast Brazil through the salvation of the lost and the strengthening of our local churches.

Samuel Milanez and Family

Samuel Milanez and Family

We ask that you pray for Samuel Milanez, the national director of our Source of Light correspondence school.  Samuel has been with this ministry for two years and has stabilized the school, which at one time was at risk of closing. Actually we have two prayer requests:  First, Samuel will be undergoing gall bladder surgery this week, and needs our prayers that there be no complications and for speedy healing.  Secondly, Samuel is needing a car to travel to churches in order to teach them how they can use the Source of Light Bible lessons more effectively.  Samuel could not afford a car himself on the small salary the school is able to pay him, so we hope to help him with this.


Jonasse, Felismina, and Adão, a student family from Mozambique

Our two student families from Mozambique will be returning home on July 5th, after having spent one year at our Bible College.  Our prayers go with them as they take what they’ve learned back to their people who so desperately need God’s Word.


Thank you for your faithful love, prayers and support.  If you would like an updated prayer card , we did have one made this month.  Just drop us an e-mail, or call us.  We’ll get it to you in the mail.

We are Your Servants for Christ in Northeast Brazil,

Jim & Julie Leonard

Furlough phones:  Jim: (515) 414-4435  Julie: (515) 402-0359


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Thank you for your prayers!

April 2, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are SO thankful for your friendship and prayers!  As Paul stated in Philippians 1: 3-4, “I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you, always praying with joy for all of you in my every prayer, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” (HCSB)  Your prayers have recently gotten us through some of the busiest days of our ministry.  Please continue to pray and rejoice with us in what God is doing in NE Brazil!

Our Baptist Mid-Missions Brazil Family conference was a great time around the Word and enjoying God’s amazing creation in the Amazon rain forest with our colleagues.  The anxiety of having to change venues for the event just days before it began was relieved as the hotel “rolled out the red carpet” for us, even though we were “hand-offs” from another hotel.  Our work, as part of the planning committee was made easy.  We were also able to visit with 3 of our former students who are serving God faithfully in that region.

2018 Manaus BMMB best (Large)

Baptist Mid-Missions Family of Brazil missionaries at meeting in the Amazon

We arrived back in Crato just two days before our annual Missions Conference at the Bible College.  We were taxed to our human limits, as we tried to recover from red-eye flights before and after a very full week in the Amazon.  But God… from the evening services to the workshops to the ladies tea to the international canteen, God directed and blessed in every way.  Just hours before our final service, the whole of Northeast Brazil lost electric power.  The preaching went on by flashlight on the seminary amphitheater.  In spite of the dark, attendance was good, and all were blessed.  The power was restored half-way through the service, just as we were whisking Dr. Vernon and Jan Rosenau to the airport so they could catch their flights back to Ohio.  Our students and the area churches were challenged with the question, “Will we tell the next generation?” This is our prayer:  that God will continue to call our students to the mission fields of the World!

Our church plant is no longer “Parque Grangeiro” since our new building is just up the road in the neighboring area known simply as Grangeiro.  Last weekend, on Friday night, Jim challenged the couples to be united in the area of finances.  Saturday evening we had the official installation of Pr. Francisco Carlos and the dedication of our new building. On Sunday morning we celebrated Christ’s Resurrection with breakfast and a special Easter program, and in the evening we had cake to celebrate the 10 years since we began Sunday services with this church plant.  We are looking forward to reaching into the new community in which God has placed us.  Though this is a small church, we have launched two families to the mission fields of the Gambia and Venezuela, one young woman to be a pastor’s wife, and another who followed her husband to a sister church in the area.  Yet we have several believers who are struggling with obvious attacks by Satan to discourage them in their faith and service to God. We need your prayers!

DSC_0395 (Large)

Dedication of Pastor Francisco Carlos at Grangeiro Baptist Church


DSC_0423 (Large)

Men at the Grangeiro Baptist Church

DSC_0406 (Large)

Julie and Kids in the Easter program

DSC_0425 (Large)

“TO GOD BE THE GLORY” Birthday cake for church

We have tickets to come to the USA on April 13th.  We hope to spend the rest of April and May mainly in the Iowa/Illinois area, then June and July in Minnesota.  We will be visiting some of our supporters which we haven’t visited for nearly five years.  We’re excited for the opportunity to be the missionaries at Bass Lake Camp, where Julie grew as a child/teen and where we both served as college students.  Of course, we’re looking forward to being with Mom Hansen and Julie’s siblings, and also with Josiah, Nikki and our 5 sweet grandkids.  Jennifer is planning to enter the Navy this spring; we hope to be there for her “graduation” from basic training.

Jim just returned from 2 days in Fortaleza, closing up his responsibilities as the BMM of Brazil treasurer.   He is doubling up on his teaching in order to finish his mission’s class before we travel.  He still has several meetings in the upcoming days to see that the Bible College “fixes” happen while we are gone.  Please continue to pray for our college in the areas of leadership, faculty, finances and maintenance.

We are Your Servants for Christ in Northeast Brazil.


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Happy New Year 2017/2018

“Feliz Ano Novo!”  Happy New Year from NE Brazil!  “How can we thank God for you in return for all the joy we experience before our God because of you”?  (1Ts 3:9 HCSB)  As we reflect on 2017, we are SO thankful for your faithfulness in helping to bear our burdens before the Lord.  It was a difficult year in many ways, yet God kept us from falling, through your prayers.

LOOKING BACK:       2017       

– Our year began with a move to our new home after a somewhat nomadic “pilgrimage” of nearly 10 years.  Finally taking things out of storage and dividing them among our house and the various OASiS units was a huge undertaking!  Before we were finished, this project was interrupted by the beginning of classes at the seminary, mission travels and various conferences.


Our new home in the OASiS

-In February, Julie’s Dad was diagnosed with MDS (a pre-leukemia blood disorder) which began a 9 month frenzy of blood transfusions, chemo sessions, frequent ER visits, hospitalizations and rehab in nursing homes.  Our telephone conversations and prayer with Dad became very regular and precious.

-Jim’s Mom celebrated her 80th birthday in April but the joy was spread over almost 2 months with many family and friends.  We managed a surprise reunion here with all 5 of her children, the first in 20 years.

Mom's 80th

Frances Leonard on her 80th Birthday, with her 5 children

-Joy Anna and Fabio stayed at the OASiS for almost two months and we enjoyed having Kristi and Hannah next-door!

-In May, Jennifer came for a two-week visit during which she sorted through her stored things for a more permanent move back to the USA.

-Jim cut his first semester classes short so that we could be in the USA for the birth of Josiah and Nikki’s 5th child.  Isabelle Faith was born on June 15th and we enjoyed creating lots of great memories with Jeremy, Lydia, Tabitha and Jordan.  We were able to spend some time with Mom and Dad Hansen, helping to care for Dad for a few days.  His medical diagnosis was changed to leukemia.


Papa and Nana with Jeremy, Lydia, Tabitha, and Jordan, welcoming baby Isabelle.

-Early August brought us back to Crato for second semester classes. We left the US with torn hearts as Julie’s Dad had been given just a few weeks to live; his chemo was suspended at that time.  The Lord was gracious and Dad rallied back.  He decided that he wanted to have a “rehearsal” for his celebration of life, to be able to personally thank all who prayed for him.  His party was held on September 7th at Hansen Farms.  After that, Julie’s sisters and brothers took turns helping to care for Dad at night at home.

-Just a week after our arrival in Brazil, Jim came down with an inflammation in his abdominal area.  After having an ultra-sound, a CT scan was ordered and the urologist discovered a large tumor on his left kidney… completely unrelated to the original inflammation.  The next month was a flurry of appointments and trips to Fortaleza where he had surgery on September 26th.  We stayed there for another 2 weeks as he recuperated.  Some of our classes were taught via live FB Messenger.  We were praising God for an early discovery and waited for the biopsy results.

-October was busy getting back into a routine of some sorts, with limitations for Jim.  The biopsy confirmed that the tumor was malignant, but the surgeon was confident that the tumor was completely removed and there was nothing to worry about.  Jim saw an oncologist and more tests were ordered.

-In the first days of November, it was discovered that Dad’s leukemia was back with vengeance.  Julie’s tickets were bought for the 8th.  Dad went to be with the Lord in the wee hours of the 7th.  She was able to be with her family for his celebration of life service, to be with Mom in the days of adjustment and was able to spend Thanksgiving with them, counting God’s many blessings.

Everett Hansen

Julie’s father, Everett Hansen, watching one last harvest.  

-Meanwhile (south-of-the-Equator), under student leadership and with special help from co-workers and Jim, Julie’s Special Events class carried on with the Thanksgiving celebration and making the dessert for 130 guests at the seminary.

-Julie arrived back in Brazil with just a week of classes before graduation.  Another frenzy of activity followed.  We received Jim’s test results and three doctors – the urologist, his surgeon, and the oncologist – all gave him a clean bill of health.  (Well, the body scan showed some arthritis.)

-Two days after graduation, Jim, along with colleague, Daniel Ruley, and a group of seminary students, travelled to the neighboring state of Piauí on a missions trip.  We are praying for God to send workers into that very needy field.

-The same day Jim arrived home from Piauí, we left on a red-eye flight for south Brazil.  We spent the day with John, Bev and their son, Joshua, in São Paulo, then caught 2 more flights before we arrived in Porto Alegre where Fabio and the girls picked us up.

-We spent 10 wonderful days with Joy Anna, Fabio and girls.  Three of those days were in the nearby mountain communities that were settled years ago by Italian immigrants.  We tested lots of yummy grape juice, enjoyed fresh peaches, seedless grapes, pasta, climbed in a huge tree house and even rode on a steam train.  We got back to their home in time to make some Christmas goodies and get ready to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  They had just moved into their newly rented home so Papa was a big help with drilling holes to hang various things and Nana helped put some meals in the freezer.

Italian immigrants

The Leonard and Volpi families reliving history

-After arriving back in Crato just before New Year’s Eve, we got ready for the fellowship BBQ at Parque Grangeiro to send off 2017.

-The first week of the year was spent reconnecting with colleagues and some of our “adopted” kids and grandkids.  The very busy last six months of 2017 made it nearly impossible to stop and just have fellowship.  We enjoyed a stay in a chalet at a nearby mountain water park which included ziplines and a challenging course in the tree tops.  That was relaxing fun!

Tree Walk

Julie in the treetops



-We’re enjoying our vacation time but are keeping busy with various projects.  Julie is trying to finish some decorating that wasn’t done when we moved.  Jim’s office has been brought over from the seminary and there is some organizing to do in both our offices.  Jim is overseeing the installment of a solar farm on our property, to reduce the cost of our electric bills.

– Next week Jim will work on the married student housing, getting them ready for  incoming students.  Four of the ten houses were vacated by graduating seniors in December.

-This month we’re also trying to catch up on routine doctor’s visits that were put off during our crazy months.

– Jennifer, our youngest, has joined the Navy, and will be heading off to basic training as early as March of this year.

– Joy Anna and Fabio will be planting a new church in  São Leopoldo, the city to which they have recently moved.

– Josiah and Nikki continue living in Iowa.  Nikki is fulltime mother of their five children, home schooling those who are of school age.  Their three oldest, Jeremy, Lydia, and Tabitha have received Jesus as Savior.  Their most recent home project has been a total makeover of their basement.

-Jim is part of the seminary board, which will meet in early February.  Please pray for some important decisions that will be made, including a new board president.  In trying to eliminate some stress and heavy demands on her schedule, Julie has resigned from the faculty and given over one of her ladies classes.  She will still teach Special Events and other classes as time and energy allow, and when there is a group of students who want to study.

-We are busy preparing for two conferences this semester.  One is for the Baptist Mid-Missions family in Brazil which will be held in the Amazon.  The other is the seminary Missions Conference.  These events  will be back-to-back in mid-March, and will have BMM president Vernon Rosenau as the speaker.

-On Easter weekend, we will be dedicating the new Parque Grangeiro building, officially installing Francisco Carlos as the pastor, and celebrating the 8th anniversary of the congregation.

-We are planning a four-month furlough to visit some of our churches, some of which we haven’t visited in over 5 years.  This will be from April through July.  Jim will have to double-teach his first semester classes so that we can leave at that time.  We both have heavier teaching loads in the second semester.  Valoulie, our student from Haiti, will be graduating in December and we really want to be at her graduation, as Julie has developed a close relationship with her.

-Our two student families from Mozambique should be returning home in July, better prepared to serve the Lord, because of their year of intensive studies at our college.

We are thankful to God for giving us thirty two years of marriage; and thirty years of missionary service in Northeast Brazil.  And we thank God for our faithful prayer and support team we represent on this mission field.  Thank you!

Jim & Julie Leonard


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On December 11-18, 2017, Jim Leonard and colleague Daniel Ruley, along with eight students from the Cariri Baptist Seminary, took a missions trip to Teresina, Piauí.  Why would we take a full week out of a very busy schedule at the end of a full semester, to make this trip to Brazil’s hottest state capital?  More on this later.

DSC_0454 (Large)

Packing up to leave on our ten hour trip West

Piauí, according to the government census, is the Brazilian state with the smallest evangelical population.  There are two evangelical groups in Piauí: the Brazilian Baptist Convention and the Presbiterian Church.  The Baptist Convention is making a great effort to grow in the state, now claiming one church for every five thousand citizens.  But many who have attended these churches tell us that these churches have chosen to follow the entertainment gospel route, with a lot of music, theater and dance, and very little time for sound preaching.

There is a real need for solid, Bible centered, Baptist churches in Piauí.  According to several families from our churches in Ceará who have moved to Teresina, they have few options for church membership.  Alan, a young man from First Baptist in Juazeiro, was transferred to Piauí with the Federal Police.  He and his family are members of a Convention church in Piauí where Alan actually teaches an adult Sunday School class.  Alan told me that he goes to his church for Sunday School then takes his family to the Presbiterian church so they can hear a Biblical message.  Carlos Alberto, a former member of one of our churches in Fortaleza, who works as a banker, is now a member of a Presbeterian church in Piauí, and has asked us to send a church planter to his city.

Last July the Ceará State Association of Regular Baptist Churches formally recognized the great spiritual needs of this state right next door to the West.  The churches voted unanimously to get behind a church planting project in Piauí, and authorized the executive committee to seek out a missionary church planter to be sent by one of the local churches in Ceará.

Actually, we have a church, rather two churches, in Piauí.  In Piripiri, a city near our state border, there has been a small church for over 30 years but with very little contact with the “outside world”.  Due to a split sometime ago, there are two churches in the city that call themselves “Batista Regular”.  The original church is being pastored by a young man from that church who became its pastor when they couldn’t find a pastor from the outside;  the church that split off is being lead by Moisés, the former missionary who worked in our state of Ceará.

DSC_0458 (2) (Large)

Jim and Daniel with our host family in Teresina

Our base for operations while in Piauí was in the capital city, Teresina, in the home of Edson and Francisca, a couple from Fortaleza who have been living in Teresina for thirteen years.  At first they joined a Convention Baptist Church where Edson became a deacon.  After a few years, disatisfied with the lack of commitment to the Word, Edson was encouraged by his former pastor in Fortaleza to start a congregation.  The Congregação Batista Betel received spiritual support from his former church in Fortaleza, with regular visits of the pastors as well as church members.  Financially, Edson was able to care for his expenses as well as those of the congregation with his salary.  Eventually, after ten years, the Fortaleza church felt that it could no longer afford to keep sending people over to assist the congregation in Teresina.  And Edson is exausted trying to maintain a church on his own while having to keep up with his secular job.

So why did we go to Piauí?  Our mission team kept busy.  We made five visits to three different public schools, giving speeches on various topics, such as drug abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide prevention; and of course we shared the gospel.  We held a Five-day Bible Club for children.  And we held four evangelistic services in different homes around the neighborhood where Edson lives.  One young man, Luciano, in whose home we held the Friday night service, made a profession of faith and is being discipled by Edson.  But our underlying intention for this missions trip was to expose some of our students to this very needy field.  We would be thrilled if God were to direct some of these to become missionaries or pastors in the state of Piauí.

Matthew 9:37  “The harvest is plenteous, but the laboers are few; pray that the Lord of the harvest would send more laborers into His harvest”

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Blessed by Our Prayer Partners

November 17, 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings in the name of our Lord!  We have received so many notes of encouragement reminding us of your prayers for us.  As Philippians 4:10 says, “I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at the last you have renewed your concern for me.  Indeed, you have been concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it.”  We have always known that we have a great prayer team, but recent events in our lives have given you, our prayer partners, the opportunity to show it.  Thank you!

Jim’s biopsy came back showing that what he had removed from his left kidney was a rather large, malignant tumor.  His doctors are confident that it was successfully removed and that all he’ll need to do is periodic exams to make sure it doesn’t come back.  Just to be sure no further treatment is needed at this time, Jim is having several follow-up exams done.  Fortunately all of these can be done right here in the Cariri Valley where we serve.

Julie’s father, Everett Hansen, was promoted to heaven on November 7th.  We had already made arrangements for Julie to travel to the States on the 8th to spend a few days with him, as his home-going appeared to be near.  So she was able to be with her family as they celebrated his life with a very God honoring funeral service.  Julie is now spending a few more days with her mother and has plans to return to Brazil after Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Jim has kept busy with various projects in Brazil.  The land around our new church building in Parque Grangeiro was leveled, making access easier for church-goers.  Last Sunday we began the transition to this building, holding our Sunday evening service there.  We will continue using our building for Sunday services while work continues on the finish work, mostly on the outside.

Jim has had several meetings with the student missions team as they work on details for

Piauí! 2017

Planning meeting for Piaui!

our college’s annual missions conference which will be next March.  He is also planning, with some of the second year students, a missions trip to Piauí, the Brazilian state to our West.  Immediately after graduation in December, they will spend one week carrying out various evangelistic events in this, the least evangelized state in Brazil. And next weekend Jim will be preaching five times at a missions conference at our church in Iguatu, about three hours to our north.

Thank you for your encouraging notes, reminding us of your love, concern, and prayers for us, as we serve God in Northeast Brazil.  We are truly blessed.

Your Servants for Christ in Northeast Brazil,

Jim & Julie Leonard


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God’s Plans for Us

October 22, 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

“For I know the plans I have for you; plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”. (HCSB) Jeremiah 29:11  We rejoice in our loving God who does have a plan for each of our lives; a plan we need not fear because our eternal future is secure.  Within His plan we’re allowed to serve Him as we wait for the blessed hope of joining our Savior for eternity.

Jim continues to recover his strength and activities ahead of the schedule we were expecting, as told by the doctors.  Today he was cleared to drive again.  The tumor biopsy report was inconclusive and more tests were ordered to determine if any further treatment will be necessary.

Julie teaching online

Julie, teaching in her very improvised studio

For ten days we have been back home in Crato, where we have been able to minister to our students, believers, and friends who have come to visit.  We have both returned to the classroom; actually, Julie never left as she was able to teach from the apartment where we were staying in Fortaleza using a webcam and the internet. This Friday night we’ll host the single students for a special party at our home.


Within God’s plan, Jim was not able to go to Venezuela this month; but a team of 26 believers from five different Brazilian churches did go to Venezuela to put on a Missions retreat for 250 people from several Venezuelan churches. Among the many activities, our team taught 35 lessons to the various groups.  The purpose for this retreat, entirely sponsored by our Brazilian churches, was to spark a heart for missions among the Venezuelan believers.  But as usually happens with those who go on a missions trip, the Brazilians received the greater blessing, returning home with a greater excitement to carry out God’s great commission plan.

MCG na VenezuelaFoto

Venezuela Mission team.  Eliezer, on the right in blue, is one of our missionaries in Venezuela.

Lord willing, we have plans for a missions trip with our second year college students in December to  Piauí, the state just to the west of us.  Piauí is the most underevangelized state in Brazil.  Please pray that God will use this trip to call laborers into that harvest field.

Jim and Wesley (Large)

Missionary to Portugal, Wesley Alencar

This week our Brazilian missionary, Wesley Alencar, is in Portugal making final plans to move his family there in early 2018.  Currently we have three former students and their families raising support to go to Portugal as missionaries.  Portugal is one of the least evangelized nations in Europe; but we are confident that there are people in that nation to whom God wishes “to give a future and a hope.”  Please continue to pray that in God’s plan, more laborers would be sent into the harvest fields of the world from our field.

At the Parque Grangeiro church we have again delayed plans to move into our building.  Because the land around the outside of the building was very steep and treacherous, we felt that for safety sake we should do some landscaping and leveling before we made the move.  This next week we have a tractor hired to level out the land; after this is complete we can begin the final plans to move.  Of course there will still be much to do on the building, even after we begin using it.  Jim is meeting weekly with Francisco Carlos, the man who has become the pastor of this church plant.  He is also meeting with some of the men for a weekly Bible study.  Please pray for the growth, spiritual and numerical, of this young church.

Please continue to pray for Julie’s father, Everett, who, though he is not well, is enjoying life at home, taking each day as a gift from God.  Thank you for your love and prayers for us, as we serve our Lord on this mission field in Northeast Brazil.

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