The Gospel of Grace

June 13, 2016

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings in the name of our Lord!  We make the words of “Missionary” Paul in Acts 20:24, our hearts desire, that we be faithful to the ministry which we have “received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.”

Last weekend the women’s societies from our churches in the Cariri Valley promoted a special program to honor our pastors.  Of the 29 churches represented, there were 40 pastors present.  It is because of God’s grace that the gospel has grown in this region.  Most of these pastors are graduates of our Bible College.


PROCLAMAR! Evangelistic Conference

The previous weekend the churches put on a regional evangelistic crusade in which over 300 members from the different churches served on various committees.  During the three days, evangelism teams worked in the streets, on the sidewalks, and performed social services in an effort to share the gospel of God’s grace to as many as they could.  At night, for the evangelistic meetings, over four thousand people attended; many of these were believers


PROCLAMAR! Evangelistic Conference

from the churches, but many were friends, neighbors, and relatives who were invited.  During this conference there were 37 recorded salvation decisions, and these are now being followed up by our local churches.  We were pleased that several of our friends from the business community accepted our invitation to attend.  One man went forward to publicly proclaim his faith in Jesus Christ.  Please pray for Rivan, as he “grows in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.”



Wheel Barrel

Jim hauling concrete at Parque Grangeiro Church.

We continue with the church building in Parque Grangeiro.  A couple of weeks ago the men from the church, along with several men from the community, poured the concrete slab which is the ceiling to the downstairs and floor to the upstairs.  This next Sunday our church will actually meet on the concrete slab, under the stars, to thank God for His grace.  The next day, Monday, we are planning an open-air evangelistic meeting in a community just two blocks away from the church construction.  By God’s grace, on our short furlough last year, we were able to receive sufficient offerings to completely finish the downstairs of the building.  We are praying that what we have will also allow us to get the walls and roof on the upstairs.  A special thanks to all of you who contributed so that this young church can have a home in its community.


We are excited to receive a team of ten members from our home church, Grace Baptist in Austin, MN.  They will be arriving this weekend and will be with us for eleven days, all packed with adventure and ministry.  Among the ministries we have planned is a three day language encounter for Brazilians interested in developing their English skills.  With the theme, “Come Celebrate With US”, we will be sharing how Americans celebrate Easter, Independence, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Of course this is a platform for us to share the gospel of the grace of God.  We already have nearly 100 signed up for this encounter, most of whom are not saved.

We are coming to the end of this semester at the Bible college, with only two weeks of classes remaining.  The month of July is packed with retreats, camps, and music seminar.  We will be hosting four young people from two supporting churches.  Please pray that God’s grace would be sufficient for these, even through their weakness, as they will be ministering cross-culturally and in a different language.

Thank you all for your love and prayers for us as we serve in NE Brazil, by God’s grace.



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6 responses to “The Gospel of Grace

  1. Rebecca Davis

    Always a blessing to hear your news; you’ve been on my mind, praying fervently for you. Much, much love from all of our family,

  2. Rebecca Davis

    Always a blessing to hear your news; praying fervently for you. Much, much love from our family, Becky

  3. Mark Lounsbrough

    Thanks for the good report. God bless as you work on the church building and minister during the busy months ahead.


  4. Gordy Harder

    May the Lord bless the volunteers from Austin. You have the best people that the MidWest can provide. Plus you have some teachers in that group who will achieve good results from their teaching skills.

    May the volunteers also see the work of a missionary and have a heart for the foreign missions. We pray that the Lord will bless the work of the volunteers. Hopefully, it will be a rememberable experience for all involved.


  5. Susan Cranmer

    Hi How is the follow up going with the 37 that were saved? Have you recovered for all the July activities? we trust the Lord used all of them to reach many for Himself. Have you found anyone to take over the overseeing of the SLM miistry? Have a great day, Susan

    • jimjulieleonard

      Good questions Susan. Most of those who were saved in the Proclaim! evangelism campaign are being followed up by one of our churches in the region. My friend who made a profession of faith, Rivan, did visit one of our churches for a few weeks, but recently he moved out of town. Pray for him. The SLM ministry is being run by a young man, Samuel Milanez. We have enough support for him and his family until the end of this year. He is currently trying to raise support among the Brazilian churches. How this goes will help him determine if he will stay on. Pray for Samuel.

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