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For His Glory, By His Grace

February 29, 2016

Dear Prayer Partners,

The adventures of getting  settled back into life in NE Brazil have been extraordinary!   Much time has been spent reconnecting with friends and colleagues; listening, counseling and praying.  Days have been spent overseeing work crews as they readied 4 homes in our married student village.  Hours have been spent tracking lost baggage; all 10 have been found, minus our new video projector.  Alexa Wood was a blessing as we deep-cleaned our living quarters and guest apartments.

In the past few weeks we’ve also participated in two administrative meetings with our Baptist Mid-Missions colleagues, one with the NE Brazil missionaries and the other with the All-Brazil Field.  NE Brazil has seen a rapid decline in the number of missionaries over the past ten years.  We are now about twenty missionaries to work in this ten-state region.  There is still much to be done in this part of the world.  Please pray that God will call more missionaries to NE Brazil.  At the BMM All-Brazil Field meetings Jim was elected to be Brazil Field treasurer.  This involves a good deal of work but it is a joy to serve in this capacity to lighten the load from our missionaries all around Brazil.

Some of our 2016 incoming class

Some of our 2016 incoming class

The “calm” is over as our classes have begun at the seminary.  Jim is teaching Missions to the second year students, and Personal Evangelism to the incoming freshman class.  Julie is teaching her Cooking class and also one on Raising Children God’s Way.  This second class was requested by some married students’ wives.  Her week will be fuller than expected but Fridays have been set aside to work on her Christ-Centered Celebrations textbook.  Jim is also preparing for various missions conferences scheduled for March and April.  Even though the economic recession in Brazil is taking a toll on the churches and the Brazilian missionary’s support, the heart to take the Gospel to world is alive and well.  Please pray that the Brazilian church will learn how to truly sacrifice for the cause of Christ.

Arquitect's concept of Parque Grangeiro church

Arquitect’s concept of Parque Grangeiro church

This week we will be starting up construction on the building for the Parque Grangeiro church.  The footings were completed while we were on furlough but the construction was put on hold for lack of a work crew.  We now have a group of men from our church who are able to continue putting up this  building.  We are rejoicing that God has provided nearly all of the needed funds for the construction.  We hope to move into the new church building by the end of this year.  We should also begin the construction of our house within the next couple of weeks.  For the time being we are living in one of the OASIS houses, which is intended for furloughing Brazilian missionaries.

On March 3-5, the Cariri Baptist Seminary will be celebrating 70 years, with a conference theme, “For His Glory, By His Grace”.  We look forward to seeing many former students who are serving the Lord faithfully all around Brazil and on some foreign fields.  Thank you for your prayers and support of this ministry over the past 25 years.  It was “for His glory and by His grace”, that He called us here and we will remain faithful until He moves us!  We appreciate your prayers as we help to equip and encourage the Brazilians whom God has called to His harvest fields.

Visit for  current pictures of our college

Visit for current pictures of our college



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